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TH Series Rental LED Screen TH480
Pixel Pitch: 4.81mm
Module Size: 250mm*250mm
Cabinet Size: 500mm*500mm
Scanning: 1/13
Pixel Configuration: SMD2727
Brightness: 4500CD
Refresh Rate: 1920Hz
Grey Leve: 14BIT
Ingress Protection: IP54
Weight: 8 kgs /pc
Maintenance: Front / Rear
Panel Material: Die-casting Aluminum
Installation: Stacking /Hanging
Product Detail

1. Straight arc cabinet design,with the arclocks to create various innovative assembly;

2, Modular parts design, supporting frontand rear maintenance, more easier for maintenance;

3. Anti-damaged cabinet design,keeping at a17° angle with the ground, which is safer;

4. The unique lifting structure supportssingle person to complete the hanging assembly;

5, Equipped with LCD status displaymodule,to monitor the working status of each single cabinet;

6, With high contrast and gray level, thepicture is more high-definition, delicate and vivid to meet the high visualquality requirements of commercial use;

7, RGB deep gray processing makes colorsrich and delicate, picture clear and natural;

8, The connector is made ofprofessional-grade aviation plug, quality and security are guaranteed;

9, Integrated circuit design, improving thestability and reliability of the product effectively.

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