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TX Series Rental Transparent LED Screen TX391
Pixel Pitch: 3.9mm*7.8mm
Cabinet Size: 1000mm*500mm
Pixel Configuration: SMD1921
Brightness: 6000CD
Refresh Rate: 1920Hz
Ingress Protection: IP31
Weight: 12kgs /pc
Maintenance: Front / Rear
Panel Material: Die-casting Aluminum
Installation: Stacking /Hanging
Transparency: >75%
Product Detail

1, Original & Creative PCB 3D SMDtechnology to ensure the heat dissipation and aesthetic needs for led screen.

2, Up to 6000nitsbrightness, fully meeting the highlights and high quality needs for indoor andoutdoor;

3, Up to 75% transparencyto ensure the stage light, smoke, sound and other requirements, the stage ismore high-end;

4, Refresh rate 1920HZ, the picture is ultra-stable,gray level 65536 , high contrast, rich and exquisite colors, high-definition andnatural picture;

5, Customdpower& signal line, over-current network stability, simple maintenance;

6, Unique quickplug design, making installation, disassembly and maintenance faster, andreducing costs;

7, only12kgs/pcs , the installation is handy;

8, Bigdie-casting cabinet size, the precision is much higher than the general  profile transparent panel.

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