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BM Series 80’ Mirror LED Display BM251
Pixel Pitch: 2.5mm
Module Size: 288mm*216mm
Cabinet Size: 576mm*1944mm(Display Size)
Scanning: 1/28
Pixel Configuration: SMD1515
Brightness: 600-1000CD(8 levels adjustable)
Refresh Rate: 3840Hz
Ingress Protection: IP40
Weight: 35kgs /pc
Maintenance: Front for Module, Rear for Power supply
Panel Material: Aluminum
Installation: Hoisting / Hanging against the wall / Vertical installation
Product Detail

1,The installation is simple and convenient, all the plugs are plug and play, noneed the fussy  installation process ofthe conventional display;

2,600-1000nit 8-level brightness adjustment, fully meet the brightnessrequirements of various indoor conditions without causing light pollution;

3,Lower to 35mm ultra-thin thickness, bringing a convenient transport andplacement experience;

4,the product is adopted TOBE bespoke asynchronous control system, matching thecustomized mobile APP control, to achieve intelligent interconnection;

5,the product is equipped with multi-screen online function, mirror mode, splitscreen mode to match freely;

6,80-inch standard display design, with better visual effects;

7.Horizontal lifting, vertical lifting, wall mounting, and floor mounting aresupported by standard mounting parts to meet various installation occasions;

8,Powersupply’ rear maintenance, module’s front maintenance, control box can be easilyremoved without tools;

9,WithOxford bag + flight case shipment, avoiding the knocking trouble withintransportation.

10,A variety of color frame are optional, Beauty is on your hand.

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