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What is the difference between LED full color display and LCD splicing screen?

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Comparison of Led and LCDsplicing screen 

1, From the display effectcomparison, the final effect of the display device is thecore selection criteria, and different display technologies must have somedifferences in the display effect. 

2, From the brightness, enoughto use for those two stitching techniques. On the contrary, the small-pitch ledscreen, which is known for its high brightness, faces the problem ofover-brightness. A major marketing technology level of the small-pitch leddisplay electronic screen is “low brightness”. In contrast, the LCD screen ismore suitable for brightness levels, suitable for applications with largedisplay screens. but from the demand side, the contrast of the two technologiesexceeds the need of real display and the resolution limit of the human eye.This makes the contrast effect more dependent on the optimization of thesoftware, rather than the hardware limit.

3, Resolution (PPI) indicator,although the small pitch led has been breaking, but still couldn’t compete withthe LCD splicing screen, for small-pitch led electronic screen, higher pixeldensity means the difficulty of stability design The geometric base isincreasing, the pixel pitch is reduced by 50%, and the backplane density isincreased by 4 times. This is why small-pitch LEDs have broken through thebottlenecks of 1.0, 0.8, and 0.6, but only 3.0/2.5 are really used in largequantities. The root cause of such products, in addition, it is worth remindingthat the "real value of the LCD screen with pixel density advantage is notvery clear," because users rarely need such high pixel density.

4, Color range This indicatoris generally not the direction of the splicing wall products , in addition tothe application of scenes such as radio and television, the demand for colorreproduction range, the splicing wall market has never been harsh. From acomparative perspective, small pitch led is a natural wide color gamut product.The LCD depends on which light source is used.

5, The color resolutionindicator is the actual viewing experience of the color range on the contrastindicator, which represents the ability of the display to finally restorecolor. The determination of this indicator has no way to brighten, but overall,the small pitch led by color and The dual advantage of contrast is necessarilythe technology.

6, Refresh frequency is a keyindicator to effectively suppress the flicker of the screen. The refresh rateof the Led screen is generally high, and the LCD is mostly 60-120 Hz, which hasexceeded the resolution limit of the human eye.

7, Point defect refers to theprobability of display device with dead pixels, bright spots, dark spots andcolor channels. In this respect, liquid crystal products can also be controlledto an excellent level. In contrast, effective control point defects are themain technical difficulties of led screens. Especially as the pixel pitch isreduced, the control difficulty becomes a geometric base increasing.

8, The thickness, LCD hasinnate advantages, and has been constantly optimizing and progressing;small-pitch led display has achieved super-thin, but the future room forimprovement will not be too big, In terms of optical pollution and visualcomfort, LCD mainly refers to glare and high-frequency blue light, andsmall-pitch LED is an issue of excessive brightness and high-frequency bluelight.

9, Consumables and displaycore life indicators, mainly refers to the LED display screen lamp and backpanel, LCD screen body and light source, in this aspect LCD life expectancy ismore clear, the overall can reach 100,000 hours, led screen Individual lightsdifferences and stability of the backboard determine the difference in lifetimebetween individual splicing of such products, and individual units may need tobe replaced soon.

10, Engineering heatdissipation is an inevitable requirement for long-term and stable operation large-sizedisplay systems. In this respect, LCD have more advantages because of its lowpower consumption and low power consumption density. Although small-pitch LEDshave the characteristics of low power consumption density, However, the overallpower consumption will still be higher. At the same time, the small pixel LEDproducts with high heat dissipation requirements mean higher system noise.

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